The app for less waste, more quality.
Perfect production & shipping.

App for food manufacturing & IQF, food packing & wholesale, fresh produce, food service.
Inventory - Quality control - Orders - Sales & Shipping - Recall & Audit.
food traceability inventory

The app for food manufacturing, food wholesale, fruit & vegetable packer, meat & seafood, import/export.

Reduce fresh produce waste

98% less waste

efficient fresh produce handling practices

Faster administration

fresh produce quality control

Fanatical quality control

fresh produce order packing

Reduce errors in production processes

fresh produce wholesale software

Orders 100% accurate & on time

reduce administration costs fresh produce inventory

Reduce administration costs by 40%


Producepak food business management app:

production planning fresh produce

Food manufacturing & production planning

Project required raw materials needed to pack/manufacture orders, potential shortages, schedule orders to be packed in batches at selected production lines, automatically send new job alerts to line managers, analyze outstanding orders & inventory to fill them.

fresh produce inventory

Food inventory management

Reduce waste, increase employee performance. Manage FIFO, improve stock-take accuracy, live inventory monitoring. Instant stock-take, identify food inventory shrinkage, reduce waste from food inventory expiration.  Multiple sites & warehouses (Enterprise edition).

traceability recall audit fresh produce

Food traceability, recall, audit

Automatic food traceability keeps permanent food safety records. Instant recalls deliver the highest food safety and tracebility standards. Provide food safety auditors with instant recall and audit information in printed and digital form during surprise audits.

fresh produce quality control

Food quality control

Accurate food quality control for improved customer satisfaction and adherence to industry, de-facto, and in-house quality control standards. Track supplier quality performance, customer feedback & complaints, create QC tests for any part of the food handling process.

fresh produce inventory

Food sales management

The fully managed food order fulfillment process ensures customers receive the exact food that was ordered, every food order is fulfilled on time, and shipped at the correct time. Automatic BOL and invoice generation saves time.  Advance shipping notices sent to customers.

labels fresh produce inventory

Food labelling & documentation

Generate SSCC pallet labels, GS1 case & PTI labels, bin labels, batch labels, traded unit labels,  and more. Use the built in industry standard labels for Walmart, Woolworths, Aldi, Tesco, Loblaws etc; or ask our team to design new food labels just for your food business.

fresh produce business intelligence

Dashboards & business intelligence

Sales, Quality, Profit, Dispatch, Pack, Recall & audit: Sales teams receive instant impressions of orders & current inventory. Dispatch dash plans shipments, order of loading, and transport details... Profit dashboard shows margins per unit and most profitable customers.

farm management software

Farm management

Implement the OPTIONAL FARMSOFT suite to provide a comprehensive integrated business management solution from seed to plate. Task management, best practices, budgeting, farm inventory, audits, residue reporting, USDA reporting, recalls and more...

supplier quality management fresh produce

Food supplier quality management

Food suppliers must know your business is measuring and tracking their performance. Any trends that effect the quality of food & raw materials can be quickly detected, automatically traced back to the food supplier, management & purchasing teams automatically alerted.

xero quickbooks SAGE MYOB

Integrate with finance apps

Share data with your Xero finance app, Quickbooks, MYOB, SAGE, using the finance export app, or use our API (Enterprise edition only) to perform your own integration with the Producepak app. Optionally request our team perform a custom integration with your chosen app.

customer portal fresh produce

Customer portal & shop interfaces

Use the B2B portal for industrial & commercial customers (Enterprise edition only), or configure the shop interface for B2C or small business interactions. Online orders from customers include delivery times, order notes, B2C self sign up, B2B controlled signup process.


Why you should use the Producepak food business management app:

Reduce fresh produce waste

Reduce food waste

efficient fresh produce handling practices

Improve dispatch accuracy

fresh produce quality control

Reduce compliance costs

fresh produce order packing

Pass audits with ease

fresh produce wholesale software

Consistent quality control

reduce administration costs fresh produce inventory

Make administration easy

fresh produce order packing

Improve production planning

fresh produce wholesale software

Easy and accurate traceability

reduce administration costs fresh produce inventory

Efficient use of cold stores