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Food sales app


Food sales & wholesale: Invoice, order, shipping containers, dispatch, and documentation for food packer / import / export

Choose from a selection of built in invoice templates, or modify to suit your needs. Invoices can be exported to avoid double entry.

Manage fresh produce orders from customers, orders are used during the order picking process to ensure accurate order fulfillment.

Manage shipping containers, digital and analog thermometers, and customize other shipping container information as required. Assign shipping containers to order and invoices in advance.

Use built in industry standard Bill Of Lading, Invoice, and other dispatch documentation, modify them, or design your own with the Document Designer tool.

Check each pallet from a list (or scan), to ensure exact order fulfillment.

Manage multiple price lists by customer x part x variety and feature. Automatic prices on new orders.
  • Optionally capture dispatch temperatures, times, and employee, for pallets, cool rooms, and trucks/shipping containers
  • Generate invoices for product that was packed in your packhouse, purchased from a third party, or packed on behalf of another company/customer
  • Print transport documentation, pick lists, government paperwork, export documentation, and organic certificates
  • Sell directly to Sales Orders, or;
  • Sell directly to an Invoice without needing a Sales Order
  • Sell produce on ‘consignment’ where no price has been agreed
  • Maintain price-lists for markets, specific customers, and specific products  
  • Assign sales to sales persons
  • Bar-code pallet or inventory scanning to add product to an order
  • Mobile point of sale, manage inventory in trucks, mobile invoicing, in field orders from clients
  • Automatically email specific documents to selected customers during dispatch and shipping processes  
  • Compare stock on hand with orders from customers
  • Manage shipping containers and all related details & documents
  • Insert photos of important shipments directly onto the invoice or dispatch for quality references  
  • Purchase Orders include an approval process, and an email alerts process that alerts the author of approval status and alerts staff that need to approve purchase orders. Email orders to suppliers.

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Sales solution for fresh produce

Invoices for food wholesale

Easily customized, choose from templates, modify them, or design your own invoice BOL and other documents (ask your consultant to do it for you for premium clients).

During the dispatch process, invoices & bill of lading can be automatically sent to your choice of customer, transport company, or even employee as required.  

Food wholesale import / export

From customer orders, to customer price lists, generating invoices, documentation for export, organic certificates, shipping processes, and shipping container management - farmsoft has you covered for fresh produce packing, processing, wholesale, import and export.

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bill of lading BOL fresh produce wholesale sales
Sales system fresh produce

Bill of lading

Fresh produce documentation such as pick lists, bill of lading, dispatch dockets, and transport notes have never been easier and are automatically presented when orders are ready to ship. You can specify which documents are preferred by which customer to ensure each customer receives the correct documentation.

When each order is shipped, automatically email the bill of lading to your choice of customer, transport provider, or internal team members.

Traceback food traceability, recall, and audits.

Department of Financial & Management Engineering An important benefit of growing your growers from within is the opportunity to indoctrinate them into your company culture at the same time they're learning good plant culture. With both employee and employer loyalty seemingly hitting bottom barrel these days, internal training and promotion programs could be a great way to attract and keep valuable employees long-term in a competitive grower market. Keeping great employees, and paying them more as they progress, is always less costly than repeatedly hiring anew.

From January 1, 2006 traceability will cease to be an added-value element in the agricultural industry and will become obligatory because of the introduction of the new EU legislation,” explains Pedro de la Peña, the technical manager of E-FRUITRACE at Agromare in Spain. All of the actors involved in the agri-food sector therefore need comprehensive and compatible solutions to allow them to track produce.”

Since refining is a continuous process, a constant input of crude palm oil is required. As we have seen, the crude palm oil was supplied from different origins. So, when we speak about traceability in the palm oil supply chain, it means we can identify all the palm oil mills that could have been supplying the oil in your product. Knowing that most of the mill's supply base is located within a radius of 50 kilometres, traceability provides you with a list of potential mills of origin. Any verification of sustainable practices on the oil supplied by a certain mill, should happen in this area.

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Perishable Food Manufacturers

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About AFS

Find out more about our Philosophy, our Mission Statement, but most importantly learn about our Passion for our business. Read More

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Spanning from Florida up to Maine, Action Food Sales has direct relationships with every major Grocery chain on the East Coast. Read More

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Our employees are what make Action Food Sales the best Perishable Food Broker in the Southeast.  We have the store coverage and fresh food experience to make the difference where it matters the most, at store level. Read More

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Action Food Sales, Inc. was founded with the philosophy of being the finest perishable brokerage in the country. Due to our unyielding determination to be the best, we continue to grow in the most competitive market, here in the Southeast.

We want to express our sincere thanks to our customers who have supported us for the past 30 years, to our principals who have offered us the opportunity to grow their brands, and to our associates whose hard work has been the foundation to our success.  


Another vast and ever evolving Category where Action Food Sales drives volume and profit for our manufactures. This heavily promoted segment needs the attention and industry expertise in order to drive sales and volume for brands and retailers alike.  


At Action Food Sales we proudly serve many of the nation's top Grocery Store Chains. With over 4,200 supermarkets that span across 22 states, Action Food Sales has the tremendous opportunity to grow sales and profits for both our principals and supermarket partners.

S&L Food Sales aims to be the best Wholesale and Logistics provider in our marketplace. By providing our customers the best value for their dollar and utilizing the strengths of our employees, S&L Food Sales delivers a level of service unsurpassed in our industry.


S&L Food Sales has over 40 years of experience serving
Northern California.



We would love the opportunity to discuss your food service needs and explore how S&L Food Sales can add value.



Quality matters to us which is why our customers have chosen S&L Food Sales over the competition.



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S&L Food Sales


S&L Food Sales is a family-run business that will work hard to deliver solutions to your business while delivering value every day.


Our easy-to-use ecommerce order management system allows our customers to order online, saving time and money.


We are a fast-paced, service-based company looking for teammates to join us. Learn more by visiting our careers page.

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Our Principals

Our principals create innovative and disruptive products. We really love our principal’s food and are passionate about all of it. We’re proud to offer gourmet, ethnic, organic, natural, gluten-free and delicious foods. From start-ups to heritage companies, we can grow your business, infuse new ideas into your product line or pioneer your goods.Learn more

Our Customers

Our customer base spans the nation. We work with grocery stores, restaurants, distributors and a network of food brokers. We can reach the people who love food this special.Learn more

Learn From Us

We enjoying teaching and advising as much as we do food. We’re excited to offer seminars, webinars and individual consulting for food producers at all levels.Learn more

Representing The Finest Specialty Brands

Know Better Food!

Our Principals

We find  producers that have a passion for their product, brand and success. Our principals come in all shapes and sizes, but share a commitment to grow their companies by producing and marketing  some of the best foods in the country. We look forward to learning about you and your products. Contact us to set up a consultation.


Our Customers

We sell to conventional,natural and gourmet supermarkets as well as to alternative retailers.  While our unique customer is actually the retailer, we sell to them either directly or through distributors as required by the account.  Our clients enjoy regular sales through some of the nation’s largest and independent distributors and supermarkets. Our goal is to introduce your specialty products to those consumers who shop at our many retail outlets.

Some of our retail accounts include: Acme, Giant, Balducci’s,  Kings, Fairway, Earth Fare, Whole Foods, YES! Organic Market, Mom’s Organic Market, T.J. Maxx, Big Lots and many more, too numerous to list.

  • We sell to all channels across the U.S.
  • ... and beyond
  • We connect your products with our customers

Learn From Us

We practice what we teach! After forty years in the specialty food industry we have learned a whole lot! Now, we are excited to share our experience and knowledge with you. The specialty foods segment of the food industry is growing at a faster pace than any other. We can help you gain a better understanding of our very dynamic world while growing your profits. Contact us now about our seminars and consulting services. Learn from experts who make their living practicing what they teach.

Passion and excitement is what we bring to our customers and consumers. We look for producers who have a passion for their product, brand and success. Our principals come in all shapes and sizes, but share a commitment to grow by producing and marketing some of the best foods in the country. We look forward to learning about you and your food. Contact us to set up a consultation.

About Us

Specialty Food Sales is a full-service sales and marketing company. We represent some of the best, most innovative and disruptive brands and products.   Specialty Food Sales sells to all classes of trade including: traditional supermarkets, natural food markets, gourmet markets, ethnic markets, pharmacy chains, specialty retailers, C-stores and many other food buyers. Our people have sales relationships throughout the U.S. Our general area of coverage is the entire East Coast.

We are a different type of sales organization because of the clients with whom we work. When you work with us you get a partner, a tutor, a leader, a guru and a sales network. If you are a new company we can get you to the next level. If you are a heritage organization we can infuse new ideas into your line. If your company has never sold into the US market , we are your guide.  Specialty Food sales creates a plan of action specific to your company, product and markets.

Additionally, Specialty Food Sales provides Master Brokering services.  We can act as your sales manager; utilizing our affiliate broker network we have established throughout the US. With our many years in the industry we can provide sales representation throughout the US. Our management team has years of ownership experience in all facets of the food industry supply chain. Contact us to know more.

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Welcome to the heart of our business; the products we sell. Don’t just look, but ask us for more information and samples. After all, we are in the food business and the proof of the pudding…as they say! All of our clients are passionate about what they do. Most have created their products from either personal need or perspective. We don’t sell commodities at all but many of our specialty items have grown beyond being that “other” product! Quality sells, more than ever before consumers read labels and buy attributes and ingredients.  When you work with our clients you will elevate the categories in which they fit. Thanks for looking!


Producepak food manufacturing app

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Producepak provides a simple solution for food manufacturers, processors, food packers, fresh produce packers, pack-houses, fruit & vegetable packers, and food packers. Producepak concentrates on food safety, food inventory control, food expiry management, first in first out stock rotation, food order management, food production management in batches, food shipping & sales, food export / import. Use the Producepak Quality Control module to improve food safety, or turn on a simple food safety checklist to ensure consistent quality food packing and production.

Producepak food manufacturing app is a simple to use solution for buying, and selling food inventory, fresh produce, seafood, meats, and flowers. The traceability built into Producepak provides instant recalls, accurate food traceability, and easy to produce audits, and mock audits. Producepak provides tools to pack food, fresh produce, flowers, and hops. You can use Producepak for food manufacturing, configure the bill of materials for each food product line you manufacture, and manage the food manufacturing process by projecting required raw ingredients requirements and scheduling batches and purchase orders for raw food manufacturing processes. Accurate fresh produce inventory management reduces waste through better FIFO stock rotation, stock-takes, and inventory alerts.

Increase the efficiency of food inventory using options like scanning incoming bar-codes to reduce data entry & errors. Guarantee food quality with quality control testing systems. Customer feedback management, supplier quality, customer qulity standards.

Producepak food manufacturing app can project required inventory (and shortages), schedule orders to be packed in batches , automatic alerts to production line managers, inventory teams telling them which inventory needs to be moved to which production line; guarantees the correct product and quantity is packed on time. Shipping teams are guided through the dispatch process from picking using a phone or tablet (optional bar-code scanning), automatic picking, thru bill of lading, invoice, and automatic shipping notifications for customers, transport, and sales teams. Automatic generation of food labels, bill of lading, invoice, picking documents and more; reduces administrative burden. Easy audit & recall systems reduces compliance costs.